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Trump explained why he didn't start a pet. He is the first president of the United States in 100 years who has no dog

Donald Trump President United States America Flag
US President Donald Trump explained why he has no pets. He spoke about this during a speech in front of supporters in the Texas city of El Paso, writes The Independent.

The head of state praised the German Shepherds, who can perfectly smuggle drugs. Then he noted that he himself had repeatedly been asked to start a dog, including in order to look better as a politician. However, according to Trump, from such an idea he was "a little uneasy."

“Honestly, I don’t mind it, but I just don’t have time. Yes, and how would I look, walking the dog on the lawn at the White House? ”- said the president. He added that supporters would love him without a dog.

Trump turned out to be the first American leader in 100 years who has no dog, and thus violated a peculiar tradition. Before him, such a president was William McKinley, who held the post in 1897-1901. At the same time he had kittens, parrots and roosters.

The Independent notes that Trump often uses "pesy" insults towards his political opponents. He compared journalists with dismissed journalists.

At the same time, it cannot be said that the president does not like dogs, the newspaper writes. So, from 2010 to 2015, he traditionally invited to the meeting in the Trump Tower in Manhattan, the winners of the exhibition of the main dog show of the USA Westminster Kennel Club.

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