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Without a quality and functional power tools, it is difficult to imagine both a professional builder and a home craftsman...

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Both the one and the other require reliable equipment, despite the fact that the goals and frequency of use of the tool will be different. But how to understand how one puncher, for example, differs from another, if the parameters are the same and the price varies? It's all about the name of the manufacturer and its reputation.

When it comes to responsible repairs, the quality of the equipment comes out on top, because it is important that the equipment fails at the most important moment.

Let's try to understand the motley market of power tools and get acquainted with its main players, and we recommend you to make a purchase in a proven shop master shop, which presents a huge range of equipment for both experienced professionals and beginners.

You can choose an option for any wallet, and qualified staff will prompt and help. However, the very same does not interfere at least a little to navigate the issue, so we propose to highlight the best manufacturers of power tools.


Another major and proven player in the market of power tools. The history of the company began in 1941 in Liechtenstein, then it was a small family-owned company that produced lighters and auto parts, but soon there was a reorientation, and in 1950 there began to produce hand tools. Here they made the first powder mounting gun, improved the perforator design and still continue to work hard towards innovation, and several research institutes are part of the concern.

cordless tool Hilti Hilti is considered one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers in the world of professional power tools. Representative offices operate in 120 countries of the world, and in 1993 the manufacturer opened a subsidiary in Russia. Today it is engaged in direct sales of the Hilti tool.

The manufacturer produces a wide range of drills, drills, screwdrivers, equipment for cutting and cutting, as well as consumables. Several plants operate on different continents, the products have received a lot of prestigious awards and worldwide recognition. Quality is on top, but the prices are appropriate. Top 14 best power tool manufacturers


cordless tool Bosch It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard about Bosch technology. The German company has become synonymous with quality, no matter how corny and pathetic it may sound.

The huge concern is engaged in the production of various kinds of products, but almost the closest attention is paid to power tools. The factories of the manufacturer operate in Europe, China and Russia, representative offices are open almost all over the world - in 150 countries.

The range of power tools is huge, and to describe it is simply meaningless. Here they produce absolutely all the equipment that a professional craftsman or amateur in carrying out repair and construction work may need: drills, rotary hammers, mixers, tools for processing wood and metal - the company produces a huge amount of equipment with different functionality and capabilities. Pricing policy is about the same as Makita.

A nice feature of the brand is a wide selection of consumables, so there should not be any problems with the selection. The company is trying to pay attention to detail, investing substantial sums in research and development, which allowed it to take a leading position in the global power tool market. Top 14 best power tool manufacturers


Power tools under the brand name AEG is known even to those who are engaged in repair work a maximum of once a year. It all started in Germany in 1883 with the release of light bulbs, and later the young company actively responded to the development of industry in the country, and in 1898 introduced the first compact drill.

cordless tool  AEG Within a few years, the products of the manufacturer conquered many countries. Later, the company introduced the first drill with a handle, like a pistol - a popular form factor today. Next was followed by speed-controlled drills with double insulation, first drills and straight grinders. The company has become one of the pioneers in the world of cordless power tools.

The manufacturer has always focused on the continuous development of innovative technologies. Also, great importance here has always been given to the design and ergonomics of the instrument, and even at the beginning of the last century, designers were invited to work on the development of new equipment. The factories of the company have always been a model of innovation, and both inside (the most modern equipment) and outside (futuristic design).

Today, under the AEG brand, tools for drilling and chiselling, wood and metal work, fasteners, and various auxiliary equipment and accessories are made. After Atlas Copco, a Swiss company, bought the company, it sold the part that produces power tools, so today the power belongs to the Chinese from Techtronic Industries. A part of the production was transferred to China to a modern factory, and perforators are still being produced in Germany, but these are all lyrics — the main thing is that the quality and approaches to production have not changed. The tool from AEG is durable and practically unkillable. Top 14 best power tool manufacturers


cordless tool HITACHI A large Japanese company with a name recognizable in dozens of countries began its activity in 1910 with the production of electric motors. Later, the manufacturer began to work in the field of household and computer equipment, made the development for trains, and in 1974, the first drill with a microprocessor was constructed here. Since then, the company has discovered another industry activity - the production of power tools.

The group today includes many subsidiaries, production sites and representative offices. In modern factories, among other things, they produce drills, sanders, circular saws, drills, jackhammers and dozens of other products.

The company's tool is distinguished by a fairly high quality, thoughtful design, a wide range and an affordable price, and the combination of these advantages has ensured a high level of sales of the HITACHI tool worldwide.


The German manufacturer Metabowerke GmbH will soon celebrate the centenary anniversary of the power tool market. His story begins in 1924. Almost immediately, the manufacturer began to manufacture hand tools, then switched to power tools and made many important discoveries and inventions in this area.

cordless tool Metabo It was here that they created the first electric drill, the first scraper machine, and the first impact drill. Since then, the company has not ceased to reform the power tool market with its innovative solutions.

In fact, we owe the manufacturer inventions that are used all over the world today. Until now, huge amounts of money are invested in research, and the company constantly reports on new solutions. In 2015, the manufacturer became part of the Hitachi Koki Co. concern, but this did not affect the company's policy.

Today, the company produces a lot of various power tools, trying to comprehensively approach the construction and repair. There is a huge range of products, separately worth noting a wide selection of consumables. To say that prices are affordable, it is impossible, but too expensive products of the company can not be called.


Overseas, there are also decent manufacturers of power tools, and the main one is the company DeWalt. The history of the company began in 1922 with the invention of a radial cantilever saw, which was able to significantly increase the productivity of woodworking. Since then, the name of the company is inextricably linked with innovation, and it is possible to list the developments and inventions of the manufacturer for a long time.

cordless tool  Dewalt The company's plants are located in the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, and also in China. The range of electrical equipment includes more than three hundred items and includes various models of drills, jigsaws, planers, hair dryers, polishing machines, jigsaws and jackhammers.

In the North American professional power tool market, DeWalt is the number one brand. Recently, sales of tools in Europe have increased dramatically, and experts recognize the company as one of the fastest growing in its field.

The product quality is the highest, and thanks to the well-thought-out design and the introduction of its own development, the tool comes out comfortable and durable. With this no repair is not terrible! You have to pay for transatlantic quality - the company's products are higher than the similar ones from the already listed competitors, and the domestic market is far from offering the entire range. Top 14 best electric tool manufacturers


A large Japanese company whose products are sold in virtually all countries of the world. The manufacturer has been conducting history since 1915, but has been involved in the production of power tools since 1958. Since then, the company has built several new plants. Today, their number has reached 8: production facilities are located not only in Japan, but also in Europe and China. Needless to say that the equipment of the plants is the most modern?

cordless tool Makita Makita manufactures screwdrivers, perforators, drills, milling cutters, grinders, saws, planers, jackhammers, wall chasers, wrenches and other equipment - all in a decent range, so it’s easy to find the most appropriate tool.

The choice is constantly expanding, the company introduces new solutions, improves the entire model range of equipment and strives for maximum ergonomic products.

Experts call the Makita tool the best option for personal use, as it combines the highest quality and reasonable price. For professionals there is a separate product line. Each piece of equipment is designed and manufactured with a large margin of safety from high-quality, durable materials, so the equipment has been faithfully serving for years.

Black & decker

The company was founded in 1916 in the USA, and during its existence, managed to introduce a lot of new technologies and solutions. Today, the manufacturer is considered one of the largest in its continent and in the world in the field of power tool manufacturing, its products are represented and actively sold in hundreds of countries.

cordless tool Black & decker The first important achievement of the company was the mass production of domestic drills, before it no one did. After that, the manufacturer developed a convenient handle and a switch for the entire model range of power tools, and then the first in the world introduced a portable electric drill for domestic use.

Year after year, the product range has expanded, it has become more sophisticated and productive.

Today, the company is still a responsible approach to production and development. The product range is able to meet any wishes and needs of customers. The manufacturer creates drills, drills, screwdrivers, saws, woodworking tools, grinders and multi-functional tools - all at the highest level. Top 14 best power tool manufacturers.


cordless tool Kress Power tools under the Kress brand are manufactured by the German company KRESS-elektrik GmbH & Co. Since its founding in 1928, the manufacturer has been manufacturing electric motors, but since the 1960s, it began to produce power tools.

First, the production of drills was started, then lines for the production of saws, grinders and jigsaws were added. Today the product range is much wider. In addition to the listed equipment, cordless tools, hair dryers and vacuum cleaners, wall saws, saws, jackhammers and other products are produced in a wide variety.

All production facilities are located in Germany, so the quality does not cause issues. Since 2005, the company has been producing garden tools and appliances for the house under the brand name Prokressiv. All company products are warranted for 2 years, and in some EU countries when registering a tool on the company's website, this period is extended to 10 years - this is probably the most indicative evidence of high quality. TOP 14 best power tool manufacturers.


The company was founded in 1961 in Bulgaria, there is still a plant there, which has since been repeatedly upgraded. Initially, the company produced engines, but quickly reoriented and engaged in the production of power tools. By the way, the name "Bulgar" stuck precisely for the company's tools. The company today is considered one of the fastest growing in Europe, its products are shipped to 30 countries.

cordless tool Sparky The plant of the company is equipped with the most modern equipment, more than 100 product items are produced there, constant quality control is carried out, and experts say that the enterprise has no analogues in the world in depth.

The company is engaged in scientific and technical research, constantly improving products and expanding markets. The instrument maker's great popularity has acquired due to the price-quality ratio.

The company produces household and professional tools, in particular, drills, screwdrivers, grinders, jigsaws, perforators, mixers, planers, mills, saws and not only - the widest range of manufacturers, and the concentration only on the production of power tools allowed us to achieve excellent results. Top 14 best manufacturers power tools


cordless tool Protool The Czech manufacturer has proven itself to be of high quality for reasonable money. A wide range of drills, milling cutters, mixers, grinders, screwdrivers, etc. is produced under the brand name. Production is carried out on modern lines with high-precision equipment, so the quality of the finished product is the highest.

The company's tools are reliable and durable, can be used in all areas of repair and finishing works, and the use of microprocessor-based control systems ensures high accuracy of the tool. Much is being done in the direction of safety and ergonomic equipment.

Recently, the company's products Protool slightly changed the design and began to be manufactured under the brand name Festool. All consumables for the new tool can be used previously. High quality and a wide range of also not gone anywhere. Top 14 best manufacturers of power tools


cordless tool Milwaukee This American company gained fame throughout the world as a manufacturer of power tools for professionals.

The products are expensive, but of very high quality, and therefore are used for demanding work.

On the production lines of the company uses modern equipment and advanced technology.

Products are available in several series. The company produces more than a hundred different models of tools, including wrenches, cable cutters, drills, screwdrivers, saws, perforators, grinders, as well as batteries, tool kits, and multi-tool.


cordless tool Ingco Ingco is a vivid example of the fact that products made exclusively in China can be of high quality. Behind the manufacturer about 15 years of work, and during this time the tool had a good chance to recommend itself.

All power tools are manufactured in China in a modern factory, quality control occurs at all stages of production. Worldwide, there are about two hundred representative offices of the company, and their number is constantly increasing.

The plant produces hand and power tools, in particular screwdrivers, drills, jackhammers, various saws, airbrushes, perforators and other products. For professionals and amateurs the instrument is available in two different lines.

In terms of the company's product range, it is still far from world leaders, but there is everything you need to do most of the construction and repair work. In terms of quality, the products are practically not inferior to their counterparts from more well-known manufacturers, but at the same time they are cheaper. If you need a good, ergonomic, reliable and inexpensive tool, then you can safely take the equipment of this brand.

In addition to these, there are some other responsible manufacturers. Choosing a power tool, it is better not to trust the products of nameless companies. Also study not only the functionality, but also the build quality, specify the warranty period and the availability of service centers.


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How many different tools I have not tried, I realized one thing: Makita is best.


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