Why the plane is the safest transport and how to overcome the fear of air travel.

According to statistics, more than 70% of people are afraid to fly. And if someone has this fear disappears immediately after the first flight, then others experience discomfort in airplanes constantly...

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Let's find out the answers to the most common questions so that your travels are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Why is the plane the safest mode of transport?

Many passengers do not trust air transport. Jan Savage, a professor of economics at Northwestern University of Illinois, tried to dispel this negative trend. He statistically considered the safety of various modes of transport on the example of the United States.

If you believe the numbers, aviation and railway are the safest ways to travel. And over the past few decades, air travel has become even safer, says Savage.

Aircraft safety standards

In 2019, the majority of passengers are transported by two aircraft manufacturers: the American company Boeing and the European Airbus. They actually distributed the production of airliners among themselves and became monopolists.

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And such a security situation is positive. After all, both manufacturers certify their products according to the standards of the FAA and EASA agencies, which are legislators in the field of aviation security.

All systems in the aircraft are duplicated

A modern airliner has a huge safety margin. And for decades, new technologies have been introduced into the production of airplanes in order to improve flight safety.

96% of new Boeing jet airliners have two engines. According to safety standards, if one of the engines fails, aircraft can safely take off or land with only one engine in service. Although there are cases when the aircraft successfully landed using one of the four good engine.

In addition, even on one engine, they can fly for a long time. Enough to get to the nearest airport. However, the likelihood of both engines failing at the same time is one case per billion hours of flight.

Every serious incident or plane crash is thoroughly investigated, even if it has to spend millions of dollars. According to the results of investigations, if necessary, the production process or aircraft maintenance regulations are improved. This approach is unique in comparison with other sectors of transport.

Should I take into account the age of the aircraft?

Passengers are increasingly interested in the age of the aircraft and tend to fly on newer airliners. And the airlines themselves are competing among themselves with indicators of the average age of their fleet.

In general, airliners are designed with the expectation of continuous ten years of work, of course, subject to trouble-free flights and timely maintenance. But you can fly calmly, because age does not directly affect the safety of the aircraft.

Why do airlines still take into account age? Because the older the aircraft, the more expensive it is to maintain its airworthiness and the longer it spends time on the ground. Usually, airlines remove aircraft from the fleet not for safety reasons because of their age, but for economic reasons.

No matter how strange it may seem at first glance, but most low-cost aircraft receive aircraft directly from the factory and constantly update the fleet. To reduce the cost of tickets it is important for them that the aircraft spend as much time as possible in the air and earn money. Choosing a low-cost airline, you are likely to go on a new plane for a low price.

Blacklist of airlines from EASA

The entire airline industry is built to strict standards and regulations to make flights as safe as possible. Airlines and air traffic services organizations around the world periodically undergo an international audit.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regularly updates the “black list” of airlines that are prohibited from entering the airspace of the European Union member states for safety and poor maintenance reasons.

We advise you to take into account this list in order to ensure maximum air travel. Of course, this is not always possible. For example, as of 2019, all carriers from 15 countries, including from Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Libya and Sudan, are in the “black list”.

By what criteria are airplanes on the "black list"?

Bad results of checks at parking at European airports.

The use of outdated aircraft, along with poor service.

The inability of the airline or the relevant authorities in the country to fix security problems.

The number of airlines on the black list is gradually decreasing.

Due to the appearance of the “black list” of airlines, one can notice a significant increase in aviation security throughout the world. For example, in 2012 there were 287 airlines, and in 2019 it was 120, which is only 2% of all airlines in the world.

Tips for aerophobes

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  1. Choose the right seat on the plane.

    It will be much better if you book tickets in advance and choose a comfortable place for you. They consider the safest places in the tail section of the aircraft, but turbulence is strongly felt there. Therefore, it is better to choose the place in the porthole just behind the wings.

  2. Check your place.

    Yes, sometimes there is too little time between flights for flight attendants to check each place well. Therefore, be sure to look under your seat and check if there is a life jacket there. Also, when entering the plane, pay attention to all emergency exits and analyze which one is closest to your location.

  3.  Do not dwell on fear.

    We advise you to take something that will help to distract from the flight itself. For example, headphones or a book. On board of some airliners even offer a movie, but it is not always available, so it’s better to download a funny comedy or an exciting detective story on the phone.

  4.  Enlist support.

    The ideal option could be a loved one or a loved one. If you didn’t take anyone with you, that’s okay. You can always meet with a neighbor or a neighbor in the chair.


And most importantly - remember that fear exists only in our imagination. In addition, dozens of people in the sky and hundreds on earth are worried and concerned about your safety.

Have a good flight!

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