Red daisy (Pyrethrom coccineum)

Red daisy or "Pyrethrum", from the Latin (Pyrethrom coccineum) Aster family, a perennial plant 60-75 cm high, with a rosette of leaves ...

Red daisy, Pyrethrom coccineum

In the fall, one amateur grower handed me a red pyrethrum (Pyrethrom coccineum).

This ornamental plant belongs to the family of complex-colored and is found in wild form in the Caucasus, as well as in Iran.

Peretrum looks great on a flower bed in a group composition.

I planted it in a flower garden near the house. In the spring, I immediately noticed the beautiful openwork large (up to 30 cm) leaves collected in the rosette. The plant is very decorative, even without flowers. At the end of the summer, strong, slender stems 80-90 cm high, ending in single large ones, appeared. baskets (diameter 6-8 cm).

Some daisies turned out to be hybrid. (P. hybridum hort.) With polychromic inflorescences. (diameter 10 cm) ruby ​​red. In the following seasons, flowering began at the end of May and lasted almost the whole of June.

Fading inflorescences in a timely manner removed and feverfew bloomed again in August - September, representing the best decoration of the flower garden.

Large red daisies look great in group plantings on the lawn and in flowerbeds. Beautiful leaf rosettes are spectacular until winter.

Bouquets are long in the water, the inflorescences do not crumble for three weeks.

In culture, red pyrethrum is undemanding, grows well in ordinary garden soil, on sandy fertilized soil, frost-hardy and drought-resistant.

Diseases and pests are not damaged. Do not tolerate only excessive moisture, so - in the low areas it is necessary to arrange drainage.

I propagate pyrethrum in the fall and spring by dividing the bushes, as well as changes and cuttings. Seeds are sown in a room in March April. After 1.5-2 months, the seedlings are planted in open ground.

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