Why buy a dog toys, and not just food?

Everyone considers it normal, knowing that you need to buy food for dogs, a leash and collar, bowls for food and drink, but not everyone considers it necessary to buy toys for an animal...

Bull terrier dog with toy

Many, even experienced dog owners, do not understand why to spend money on toys for their four-legged friends. At the same time, dogs, like children, need them, and in this article we will try to explain why and which toys are worth buying.

Reasons to buy a dog toy

If you were in a situation when, on returning home from work, you have scattered flower pots, gnawed shoes, crippled furniture, then you will understand what we want to tell. Of course, you can blame the animal, or even punish him, but what can he do all day alone when no one is at home? The dog becomes scary and boring, so he finds himself having fun. This fun can be the owner's sneakers, which have retained its smell or flower pots, which have attracted attention and reminded you of funny walks in the yard.

To avoid this situation can be quite simple - buy toys for your four-legged friend, and refer to the fact that you do not have time to go shopping in the era of online trading is simply ignorant.

What toys to choose?

There are two main types of toys for dogs: outdoor and domestic. The first can include a variety of balls, rubber rings, flying saucers, tug of war and not only. At the same time, it is worth picking them up, taking into account the temperament of your pet, for example, for very active lovers, it is better to take plates or balls that can be thrown far away, but ropes and rings are suitable for calmer.

dog with toy

The second type of homemade toys. It should include a variety of tweeters (made of latex, vinyl) in the form of a bone, a sandwich, chicken, etc. Left alone at home, the dog will nibble on the toy.

One of the most important criteria for choosing a toy for your pet is size. For small decorative rocks, massive toys are obviously not suitable, but a large breed will not like to play with too small a squeaker (it can even be dangerous, because it can swallow it). A toy should be chosen according to the size of your dog's mouth. But do not forget about the tastes of your furry friend, always choose something that may interest him, so as not to throw money at unnecessary things.

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