Are Chinese smartphones a threat to iPhones?

The technology giant Apple, which has become a symbol of America’s progress, faced the fact that, for the first time in 16 years, sales of its products began to slow down...

Iphone Mobile Smartphone Money Dollars The fall of the American giant can accelerate the growing popularity of Chinese smartphones, which are not inferior technically to iPhones technically, but at the same time significantly winning in price.

After recognizing the fall in sales made by Apple boss Tim Cook, the stock value of the company's securities fell immediately by 9 percent, which was a great shock to the entire US high-tech sector.

The head of the company blames the weakening of the Greater China market, which includes the PRC, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, which accounts for one-fifth of the company's revenue. Cook admitted that the demand for iPhones is decreasing.

According to the Dale Mail, the examination shows that although Trump's tariff war caused a surge in anti-American sentiment in China, the main problem for Apple lies in the company itself. Her desire to increase the value of their products, which are only a tiny fraction better than the previous models, is causing more and more bewilderment among users who wonder: is it not worth changing the iPhone to another brand?

The average income in China is now less than 4 thousand dollars, while Apple asks about 1,500 for its latest model.

Problems also arose in the markets of Europe and America, and even the most devoted fans of iPhones began to ignore the company's calls for a new version of the phone every year.

Someone says that the company is ruined by the greed of its managers, others point to the failures allowed by the developers of iPhones and software to them.

The company's experts themselves have to admit that the new iPhones of the XS and XS Max models are not much different from their predecessors, the old models work in much the same way, although cheaper. And so from year to year.

Complications arose with the fall in the level of quality control, its products began to lose its former high reliability. In November 2017, it turned out that access to its new High Sierra computer operating system can be obtained without a code word, using simple manipulations.

As the Daily Mail columnist notes, critics of Apple have long warned that there are too many rivals in the market of elite smartphones for iPhones, they offer cheaper and more advanced smartphones, but the company continued to drive up prices, including on their tablets and laptops.

Apple did not hesitate to even resort to fraudulent tricks to force to buy new models. Last year, the French prosecutor's office opened a case against her on charges of artificially limiting the operation of smartphone batteries. The company acknowledged that it downloaded a software update that slowed down the device. In October, Italy fined her 10 million euros.

The company's stock value has now fallen below Microsoft and Amazon. CNN stated that the iPhone has lost its former magic. Analytical agencies predict a drop in sales of iPhones this year.

The American company faced a challenge from the manufacturers of the largest Chinese brands - Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo.

The New York Times notes that they have entered into fierce competition with iPhones. This is also happening outside of China, where the consumer gradually learns that China’s smartphones are not inferior to the “Americans” and at the same time are much cheaper.

Beijing-based Xiaomi, founded in 2010, now ranks fourth in smartphone sales in Europe. Unlike iPhones, in which the charge is constantly drying up, its phones can work without recharging for two days. And this despite the fact that Chinese smartphones cost only 150 euros. Fans of iPhones first bought them as a second phone and very quickly became convinced that the Chinese had overtaken engineers from Silicon Valley.


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Anyway, Apple remains the best phone


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