Tips for the proper care of leather goods

Things made of leather are very popular, because they have an attractive status look. But for clothes and accessories to retain their shape and quality for a long time, it is important to properly take care of leather goods...

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Proper drying
Careful ironing
Damage treatment and prevention
Correct sock

Owners of bags, jackets and shoes made from this material need to know how to dry the skin after cleansing from stains and treat with nutrients to make it soft. It is also important to know how to store leather items.

Proper drying

The skin is a gentle and capricious material, subject to many external influences. So, excessive heat detrimental effect on the fabric, so it should be dried carefully.

Leather things can not be dried:

  • under direct sunlight;
  • in a strong wind;
  • next to the included electrical appliances;
  • on hot batteries and heaters.

Leather clothes and accessories can be dried:

  • indoors with moderate humidity;
  • in a well ventilated room;
  • outdoors in the shade and during warm weather.

Careful ironing

Leather is an elastic and pliable material, it quickly rumples and loses its neat appearance, but is also easily smoothed. But there are cases when strong creases form. In this case, you must safely smooth out the folds.

To iron such things with an iron is strictly forbidden even from the wrong side. In some cases, ironing through a terry towel folded several times is allowed.

An alternative method is steaming. It is more convenient to use a special steamer, but if not, then you can replace the device with a steam bath. Hang the clothes over the bath and turn on the hot water. When you collect a large amount of water, leave the leather thing for a few hours. And then hang it in the room and let it dry.

Damage treatment and prevention

The durability and quality of the material can be preserved if you regularly take care of leather products and process them. Various professional skin care products are available. The sooner you start lubricating things, the longer they will last.

There are several popular methods of processing using the tools that are in every home:

  • glycerol;
  • body cream, hands or feet;
  • goose fat;
  • paraffin;
  • natural vegetable oils: sunflower, olive, castor, sea buckthorn, burdock.

The principle of operation of each product is the impregnation of the material.

It is necessary to process the fabric with one of the following means:

Apply on the entire leather surface with a thick layer of a special brush and leave for 10-20 hours depending on the fat content of the substance.
After the procedure, remove the excess with a dry cloth or cloth.
Care for clothes in this way should be at least once a month.

  • Note - Genuine leather is more pliable to any care, be it ironing or cream treatment.

    But this can not be said about the artificial analogue - napp. It is coarser in its structure and worse tolerates the effects of different types. It is important to keep this in mind when caring for natural leather and leatherette.


Proper storage of leather products can prevent many damage and material damage.

There are some simple rules by which you can keep shoes and accessories in excellent condition:

  • Keep jackets and coats in a locked wardrobe on hangers with hangers. So they will not be confused and not dusty.

  • Before you put the bag in the box for long storage, fill it with old newspapers or cloth. The bag should look voluminous and full. This method will avoid wrinkles on the accessory. Shoes also need to be filled with newspapers.

  • Do not store items in sealed plastic bags. The material in such conditions dries and cracks.

  • Keep things used daily away from the kitchen. Vars and fat vapors formed during cooking are able to lay down on the skin in a dense layer. To remove such contamination is problematic.

  • When transporting clothes do not use airtight bags. Their principle of operation is the dense compression of the material. In the case of the skin, this will lead to a change in shape, strong creases and cracks in the folds.

Correct sock

How we use leather things depends on their appearance and durability:

  1. Avoid friction of such products on other objects. So you eliminate the formation of scuffs.

  2. Buy clothes by size. This will avoid cracking and reshaping.

  3. Limit your stay in the open sun. Ultraviolet contributes to the loss of color of even the brightest bags and jackets.

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