Tour to the North Pole on the airship

Bored with Canaries? Tired of Seychelles? And what if you rest at the North Pole? There definitely do not get bored!


In principle, cruises to the North Pole are not new. An example of this is the Russian nuclear icebreaker “50 Years of Victory”, which for several years has been successfully carrying tourists along the route Murmansk - the North Pole and back to the islands of the Franz Josef Land archipelago.

Apparently, this fact did not give long rest to the Swedish company OceanSky, which recently presented a new tourist product for sophisticated customers who were fed up with the beauty of the southern islands and seas.

The largest airship of the present Airlander 10 will be used as a vehicle, built for the needs of the US armed forces, but not found its use there due to the high cost of maintenance. Now its content will be paid for by rich tourists.

The former military airship in a cruise version will have a survey compartment, consisting mostly of transparent plastic and glass. It also houses the Skybar recreation area with a bar and a beautiful view of the Arctic landscape under your feet.

True, it is no different variety, but the journey will not be long. Starting in Svalbard, it will last 30 hours, including disembarking at the pole with traditional games, photo shoots and a special polar dinner. How much it will cost each of the 18 passengers is not yet clear.

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