Love and freedom

There is no love without freedom. Some may laugh and say that if you give freedom to him or her, then it is unknown how this will end ...

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One will disappear from the girlfriends, at best, and the other will go to the left or spend a fun night with friends in a bar.

About any freedom and speech can not be. Now they are spouses, which means they should be together all the time, no girlfriends, friends and bars.

The husband must do what the wife says, and the wife, in turn, is simply obliged to humor the husband in every possible way. Step left or right is punishable by scandal and divorce.

A lovers life is good if you want to escape from it and forget for a while. She put a collar with a ring on him, and he prepared a leash for her. Jealous, does not trust, what freedom can there be? That's for sure. There is no love in this family either. It is anguish, not love. The chains that you want to get rid of.

Love does not limit the freedom of man and woman. They are free to do what they want, only desires are always aimed at strengthening love. Your beloved wants to sleep in your day off. Why can't he do that? Do not bother him. He is a free man. Let him sleep. You, too, are free and choose his dumping day, not a walk.

She wants to watch her show, which happens once a week. Cook dinner yourself and treat your sweetheart. Do what you want, you are a free man. He has a gym - she has a fitness, he has a bath with friends - she has a hen night. Today, he is engaged in his car in the garage, indulge yourself reading a book. You are free to do what you wish. Why flowers should be only on holidays, this is not interesting. Give your beloved a bouquet on a typical day. See how she will be pleased. Prepare your favorite salad with a sea cocktail, which he loves, why wait for the New Year.

Freedom in love and free love are not the same thing. It does not mean at all that you are free to choose your partner for love pleasures, which means free love. Just the opposite. You are free to do everything so that your loved one, the one you love, is well. Do not bind him to yourself. He loves and therefore he does not want to go anywhere. He will not do what you hate. He will never hurt you because he loves you. Loving hearts must be free, because love is flight, exaltation, this feeling knows no boundaries. There is no flight on a leash.

Love spreads its wings and provides opportunities. This is endless improvisation and display of unlimited fantasy. She can not be in a cage under lock. Give your loved one the freedom to make you happy. Do not bother him. Let your sweetheart want to please you every day, she is free to do it.

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