Hallway design

Want to create a cozy and beautiful hallway, then everything must be carefully considered. Not everyone has a large entrance hall at his disposal ...

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Most often it is a small room in which you need to fit everything to the maximum and so that there is still space left, in general, to do the impossible.

The whole design, both at home and apartment contains many factors, the most important is the layout.

When it turns out, so the hallway goes into a narrow corridor, then you need to try to visually expand it. Often we are confronted with the problem of low ceilings, but if you look at it, this is not a problem at all, but only temporary inconveniences, and using several techniques you can visually increase the height.

The hallway is almost always without windows for this reason when you design the hallway you must choose bright colors, and according to the rules of design small rooms should always be bright, well, if you do not dare and do not go about your desire to make the dark room even darker. Green or blue color will give spaciousness. Want to increase the illusory space, use mirrors. A good solution would be to use a cabinet with mirrored doors.

As for the finishing material, everything is chosen according to the taste and color of the owner of the hallway. Of course, we must not forget that this room should be in harmony with the overall design of the house or apartment. For finishing the floor, use the material that is resistant to moisture, and for which it is easy to care, for example, linoleum, tile.

If the scale of the hallway allows, it is best to install built-in furniture. With this technique, space will be saved. This furniture does not have a wall, it is attached to the floor, ceiling and walls. Most often they are made to individual order, in accordance with the required size and colors.

When making a hallway do not forget about the lighting. After all, with the help of light, you can both hide the flaws and focus on the dignity of the room. Most often use LED lamps. For the reason that the light must be diffused or reflected.

Using materials for the decor, give a lively hallway. Set a lot of greenery, unusual figurines, paintings, family photo collages. Some place masks brought from travels. It is necessary from the first moment when a person gets to your house or apartment, to show that you are only interested in good and positive in this world.

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