Service single lever mixer tap - Cartridge Replacement - 1
Anonymous: Thanks for the advice! Good luck.
Simple and reliable do-it-yourself greenhouse irrigation system - 1
Dieter : There really is no point in expensive and complex nozzle irrigation systems. You...
How to remove wallpaper - wall preparation - 1
Vittor: In the room where the renovation was done for a very long time, sometimes it is ...
Wall decoration with decorative bricks - 1
Jozef: Excellent instructions for laying decorative bricks! After watching the video at...
Purpose and types of foundations - 2
Anonymous: Concrete tape, of course, is cheaper than the slab, but under it you need to mak...


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Service single lever mixer tap - Cartridge Replacement

How to replace a cartridge in a one-handed bath or kitchen faucet with your own hands. Replacement instructions, useful tips for repairing a mixer (faucet) with a standard ceramic cartridge

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Leakage protection - Aquastop valve - helps to cope with a leak or not?

We are testing the Aquastop leakage protection valve in real conditions. Simulation of partial leakage and complete breakage of a hose with a valve installed in the system.

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How to choose a washing machine? - an overview of the types and functionality of the best option for the home.

In this article, we will talk about the choice, and I would not be afraid to say one of the most important helpers in the house - the washing machine.

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Wardrobe pantograph - what is it? Types, differences and how to install it yourself

What is a pantograph for a wardrobe, what types are there and what are their differences. We select and install the pantograph ourselves in the wardrobe.

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How to assemble a wardrobe with your own hands

The simplest version of a wardrobe without a floor and back wall. We assemble and install the cabinet with our own hands.

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Simple and reliable do-it-yourself greenhouse irrigation system

The pipe irrigation system that I have been using for two years has proven itself to be very reliable and easy to use.

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Mold in the bathroom

Keeping your bathroom dry can prevent mold growth. Knowing where mold spreads the most can help you fight and prevent mold ...

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