Frame for the mirror of bamboo - do it yourself - 1
Barbara: And I made a bamboo frame for my favorite Chinese-style embroidery.
Stupidity: The cause of the monstrous explosion at the railway station in Cairo has become known - 1
Anonymous: It's horrible! Personal ambitions prevail over common sense.
Love and freedom - 1
Wiki: I think that you just need to trust each other, then there will be harmony and m...
Purpose and types of foundations - 1
David: In the United States, almost all the buildings are made on a reinforced concrete...
TOP of the best manufacturers of power tools - 1
Mickey: How many different tools I have not tried, I realized one thing: Makita is best.


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Red daisy (Pyrethrom coccineum)

Red daisy or "Pyrethrum", from the Latin (Pyrethrom coccineum) Aster family, a perennial plant 60-75 cm high, with a rosette of leaves ...

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Why do wrinkles appear around the eyes and how to prevent them?

Wrinkles around the eyes are most often due to four different factors - aging, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, dehydration and inadequate nutrition...

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Why buy a dog toys, and not just food?

Everyone considers it normal, knowing that you need to buy food for dogs, a leash and collar, bowls for food and drink, but not everyone considers it necessary to buy toys for an animal...

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How to keep healthy in spring

So it happens that in the spring many chronic diseases are felt, it purposefully hits the targets, stirring up an organism that has not yet departed from hibernation.

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We arrange a pond - with our own hands

We decided to equip the reservoir on your site, but you do not know how and from what to make your future pond? In this article you can find out how and from what most common materials you can make a pond with your own hands at your summer cottage...

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