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Homemade ventilation valve under the windowsill

When arranging exhaust ventilation in the kitchen, we must not forget about the supply air, since the hood will not work normally without fresh air entering the room.

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Laying laminate flooring - 9 important things to know in advance

Hello everyone, those who want to save a little, can definitely lay the laminate on their own, it's not so difficult, for this, you need a flat floor base, have and be able to handle the tool, as well as understand the principle of laying this flooring.

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Automatic water supply pump - what you need to know when choosing - device and technical differences

What is the performance, height and depth of water rise. The device of the pumping station, which node is responsible for what, a set of useful functions that may come in handy.

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Floor repair - arrangement of the floor along the beams + flooring of chipboard grooved board

How to replace a panel parquet floor with your own hands, a budget floor on beams at no extra cost. How to set beams on a concrete base using tile adhesive, installing a log, laying chipboard plates.

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How to choose a gas hob (surface)

In this article we will talk about the nuances of choosing a gas hob.

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Membrane pressure reducer device - disassemble the regulator into parts

An important device in the plumbing. Membrane water pressure regulator device.

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Ceiling molding decor is an inexpensive and effective way to finish the ceiling

How to decorate the ceiling, decorating the ceiling with molding, how to glue the molding on the ceiling. Gluing + painting.

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