How to remove wallpaper - wall preparation - 1
Vittor: In the room where the renovation was done for a very long time, sometimes it is ...
Wall decoration with decorative bricks - 1
Jozef: Excellent instructions for laying decorative bricks! After watching the video at...
Purpose and types of foundations - 2
Anonymous: Concrete tape, of course, is cheaper than the slab, but under it you need to mak...
DIY - Fencing for flower beds with their own hands - 1
Anonymous: For waterproofing wood, you can use PVC curb tape for garden work.
Frame for the mirror of bamboo - do it yourself - 1
Barbara: And I made a bamboo frame for my favorite Chinese-style embroidery.


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Wall repair - how to putty

Plastering the walls is an important operation before wallpapering. Only after leveling the walls can modern wallpaper be glued with high quality. How to putty walls and what you need for this we read in this article ...

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How to remove wallpaper - wall preparation

How to remove old wallpaper, clean walls from plaster peels and other debris, prepare walls for leveling

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Preparing the walls before wallpapering

How to prepare walls for wallpapering, where to start and what tools are needed to level the walls with your own hands

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Where does the heat go from our homes

Perhaps, during the construction of your house, you were told that your house is well insulated, but in fact, the wind "walks" in the house and it is cold in winter, we will learn more about thermal protection and thermal imagers - devices for examining heat leakage

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Wood heating, what are the stoves

What to choose for wood heating of a country house or summer cottage: Russian stove, fireplace stove, fireplace insert or long burning stove, consider the pros and cons of these irreplaceable devices

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How to choose a sanitary mixer

Are you changing your mixer? What types are there, what is the difference between ceramic and a ball cartridge? How to choose what you need, find out more about this product

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The well is its own source of living water

Methods and rules for arranging a well at a summer cottage

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